Who Needs a Man??? It’s Valentine’s Day, Single Ladies!


Me, without a date…geeze! Can anyone relate?? My hubby is going on a trip with his brother and leaves on Valentine’s Day (I know, not very nice, but it was ny choice to not go on the trip!)  If any of you ladies are dateless, alas, there is hope. Of course, Cupid meant his arrows for boy meets girl, but love can extend to other girlies who are left alone like myself.

What do I say but Who needs a man when you’ve got you! And, hopefully, a couple of other girlfriends to hang out with. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner out with your BFF. I am taking my teenage daughters out to a chi-chi dinner, just the three of us. I plan to also have my BFF, Hilary, who is single, with us. We will exchange small token gifts…Check out my “Who Needs a Man” wine glass…a bestseller in my Collection since 2004!

More on Valentine’s Day, soon. The ideas are endless, and yes, most of them very romantic and sexy. Stand by…

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