Diamonds are an April Girl’s Best Friend

I’ve always thought ladies born in April had luck on their side, since they get to have diamond as their birthstone! Really, nothing dazzles like a diamond – whether it’s small and sparkly or downright blinding, a diamond always adds some oomph. Lately I’ve been inspired by the bling and decided to bring it into my own designs — crystals, not diamonds, though.

One of my fave new designs, the “Heart of Gold” wine glass, definitely has some shine to it! Diamond-like crystals surround the stem – and are dotted across the base and cup of the glass, along with hand-painted gold hearts. You don’t need a special day to drink from this glass, because drinking from it already makes you feel special…kind of like wearing a precious diamond.


Even if you don’t have a bedazzled glass in hand, you can brighten up any day (after 5, of course!) with my bubbly “Heart of Gold” wine cocktail. I hope you like it!

“Heart of Gold”
4 Oz Pineapple
6 Oz Club Soda
2 Tbsps Powdered Sugar
Fill wine glass with sauv blanc

Cheers! ~ Lolita

10 thoughts on “Diamonds are an April Girl’s Best Friend

    • Thanks, Carol!!

      This is a very special glass…it is only available at Hallmark! So next time you are near one, check it out! The packaging is also very special.
      Good luck, cheers!

    • Hi, Sandy,

      I know, isn’t it gorgeous??? I love it myself very much. It is only available at Hallmark so please check it out and buy one for yourself!! You deserve it!



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