Put A Cork In It (Please)


For me, opening up a bottle of wine is part of the ritual – and I just love cork. I know some really good wines now come with synthetic stoppers or twist offs (and in boxes, but that’s another post for another day!). But these just leave me longing for real cork – the kind you can sink your nail into.

Cork can tell you a lot:

  • Smell – cork is the first place you should put your nose to breathe in the bouquet, before you even pour that first glass
  • Look – if it’s dry and crumbly, that wine was probably stored upright
  • Reminder – I keep the corks from my favorite wine bottles as a memory…and to remind me of which ones I like. You can even jot a note right on the cork.

While I’m all for new technology, sometimes the classic is still the best. Cork was first used as a stopper by the Ancient Egyptians – and today, that is still the most common use for cork. I hope that continues. Cheers to the cork!

~ Lolita

PS – I found this cute “cork wine glass” at Etsy.

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