It’s Game Night!

What could be more fun than assembling a group of fun people on an otherwise bland evening and provide a fabulously FUN game experience, food and drinks included?

A party where guests serve themselves (you bet, right out of a pitcher of cocktails) and small bites on small plates, better yet, a napkin…the games are the ROCK star, food and drinks the backup singers. No knives and forks are required.


Send out your Game Night invitation at least 2 weeks prior to the event! Here is a link to one I love:

Martini Suit Invitation

The “game” room should be all set up and raring to go! I love having a “playing card” color palette …green, black, red and yellow. Balloons are fun way to add color around the room. The Lolita® rocks glassware are fun to add to the party!

First, clear the room of furniture. Make sure you have a bell. Consider having your friends bring card tables if they have them and folding chairs, ahead of time if possible.

A different game for every 4 people works well.

Your goal is to set up “Game Stations”, allowing rotation between games every 20 minutes otherwise game players might get a little bored, so obviously the games must be pretty simple…no Monopoly, Bridge, Chess, etc.

Consider fun “gag” prizes. Lolita shot glasses are a fun party favor!!


Reserve a spot for Twister! Nothing like a bunch of revelers giving it a spin.

Beanbag toss

Bunco is a wildly popular and fun dice game that women flock to. It can be simplified to one table and one game.  Check out the “Love My Bunco” game by Lolita.


Pictionary is always a crowd pleaser!

If the budget allows, you can even hire a blackjack dealer who will bring the table and everything to add that casino touch!

You could even have an arm wrestling table! Or, pull out the Wii…


  • Choose an open room and pick exciting but simple game choices.
  • Have food out in a self-serve environment. Let everyone know where the drinks are.
  • Music:  Make sure you have an MP3 player and ask for people’s playlists. Easy!  People love sharing their music choices.
  • Ring a bell every half hour or so. Put someone, like a Designated Driver, in charge of this chore.

And remember, almost anything goes, well, except for Spin the Bottle, perhaps!


This signature cocktail tastes a little like Orange soda.

Orange Majestic

  • 1.75 oz SMIRNOFF® Orange Flavored Vodka
  • .25 oz. simple syrup
  • 2 dashes Angostura® Bitters
  • 2 oz. soda water

Shake the first 3 ingredients in a shaker with ice. Strain into an ice-filled Collins glass. Top with soda water and stir. Garnish with orange slices and/or an orange peel twist.

*To create premade cocktails for your guests, just multiply the above by the number of people.


Pepperoni Pizza with Shallots and Red Pepper

Mini Arepas with Spicy Black Beans and Queso Fresco

Gluten-Free Chili Con Carne

The Best Guacamole

Ginger-Honey Chicken Wings

If you are interested in purchasing Lolita® products please visit:

Diageo North America, Inc., the maker of SMIRNOFF® Vodka, has given me this product to try for my blog.

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