The Awesome Omelet!

Omelets tend to be a family thing, or a French thing. I am voting for the family thing…. a regular, and I’ll say it…an American omelet.

My girls, who are now teens, seem to think I have a major secret to making them. However, my only wish is to keep them from being the thick, I HOP version that Americans are used to, and using Julia Child’s nice recipe, but with a twist, because hey, none of us has time but God bless you Julia.

Get your rubber spatula out and a small non-stick skillet.

The omelets I am talking about come out so slim, and so delicious…. any filling is okay.

Heat a non-stick omelet or frying pan with a spray if possible.

2 eggs + 1 ice cube in a bowl
Wisk…. and then…Magic starts to happen!

I do believe that the ice cubes make the eggs thinner…which is what you want for omelets. Chilling the egg mixture and the added element of ice water creates what you want…thin and delicious omelets! You will notice, if whisked enough, a light, frothy look to your eggs.

Keep the heat on low. Pour your egg mixture into skillet, then take the spatula around the skillet, pushing egg back from the sides, and let the egg gather to the spots it has not cooked before. Practice, it is fun.

Fillings? As the omelet is firming up, you can add all of your favorite ingredients.


Feta and Spinach
Ham and Cheese (any kind will do)
Swiss and mushrooms
Veggies (some tomatoes, etc) If you are using veggies, I like to saute’ these prior to filling.


Even the pickiest eaters can be persuaded to eat omelets if they get to help make them.

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