Holiday Whine Party

Have you ever been in the midst of the Holiday season and wanted to literally tear your hair out, escape to the Caribbean, or just go to bed feigning illness to get a break?

Me, absolutely! Women bear the brunt of the work over the Holidays! No matter how old you are or young, women are naturally the nurturers, so the holiday season brings out the best or our natural tendencies, and the absolute worst in us when overworked!

So…have a Holiday Whine Party!!!

I especially love using my fab acrylics for this type of party…they are all dishwasher safe and unbreakable (especially when you want to throw something at someone!) I have three awesome Holiday patterns! Holiday Rocks….Rock on! Holiday Baubles for a sweet take on ornament pattern, and a more traditional Holly Berry.

Get together with your best gal-pals, bring out the wine (or better yet, BYOW) and whine it up, tissues included! And better yet, give your gal pals an acrylic wine glass as a great party favor!!!

Some ideas for a super fun Holiday Whine Party include, but are not limited to:

Make it a Gift Wrapping party focus…you can whine while you wrap!! As you know, women are multi-taskers so why not get something done while we all complain? And drink wine, to boot?

Have a gift-wrapping contest! Supply gift wrap, boxes, ribbons, etc. and give everyone 3 minutes. Everyone votes on the best except they cannot vote for their own. The winner gets a Lolita wine glass. (have a sample gift that has been wrapped in a hurry)

Do a “biggest complaint” jar (here, I use the Lolita Giant Snow Angel Wine as the Jar!), everyone writes their biggest complaint of the holiday season so far…do a drawing, and the winner gets a Cheery Mismas Holiday Ornament and something else girly…Hanky Pankies, Mac Lip Gloss, etc.

Holiday Therapy Session: Go around the room and have everyone tell their top 5 complaints (with a full wine glass of course!) Only unconditional listening allowed.

Best Holiday Tips: Have everyone bring a favorite recipe, Holiday tip, etc. to share with everyone at the party. Show samples of recipe cards, mention a holiday tip (decorating your Christmas tree…start with largest balls first, space apart, then fill in, etc.)

Biggest Wish: What are the Holidays without your own wish list? What does Hot Mamma Claus want for the Holidays? The most outlandish the better!!! (who else are you going to tell??) Mine would be a trip around the world…think Eat, Pray and Love!

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