How To: Shop With Your Guy Without Going Insane!

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There are many differences in men and women, as we will all agree. The “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” guy is totally right!

Cognitive abilities are just one area where there are big differences. Girls, even as babies, have been shown to gaze at pretty things longer than boys. Later, they rely on landmarks and memory for guidance.

Boys have a proven better visual/spatial ability such as aiming at stationary or moving targets and detecting minor movements in their visual fields.

This explains why most men don’t like to shop.

If it’s sitting on a rack and doesn’t move, men will ignore it and want to move on to the next thing right away. Picture your guy in a department store. Hands in pockets, tapping his foot, looking all around, if not standing right behind you breathing over your shoulder. Sound familiar? Anxious, uncomfortable, and quite frankly, bored and wants to move on, quickly!

We girls, on the other hand…we can gaze lovingly through an XS through L sales rack of name brand tops, patiently ensuring that our size isn’t mixed in somewhere with the gorgeous top we found in XS that is the perfect shade of red. The perfect recipe for driving the male sex insane!

So, relax if you shop with your guy. He may have wanted to go, to please his sexy lady…but his behavior, if he is a normal male, is not likely to make sense after his endearing overture to go shopping with you…

So, send him on his way. He’s not doing it on purpose. Just agree to meet up in an hour, or two for that romantic glass of wine. And, if he wants to go to Home Depot or Best Buy on the way home, reward him for his patience!

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