Shopaholics Unite!

Designs By Lolita CA#8CAAB0I once played a game at a business meeting where each person was asked a question that would say a lot about who they were. I was intrigued.

The question was “What is in the trunk of your car?”  Supposedly, what you keep with you in the trunk says a lot about your personality.

Guys and gals raised eyebrows and you could tell some didn’t want to say (dead bodies?) but all participated.  I was a little concerned about how people would perceive my answer. After all, I am Lolita and I always try to make a good impression,  I am a designer and know how to create beautiful things that women love and enjoy. How can I tell them the truth? That I don’t keep all my beautiful designs and sketches and art supplies in my car? That it’s not full of my products, or my latest canvas? It’s a devil on my shoulder kind of answer; I thought…should I really go there???

So around the table we went. One guy keeps only an umbrella and an ice scraper (a little bit of a minimalist); the next lady kept only an emergency kit (fearful but prepared); the next person, a gym bag, a case of water, aftershave and a towel (obsessed with himself.) One even kept emergency snacks (in case of that roadside hunger pang.) One young mother said “Stroller, booster seat and a playpen, extra diapers” and a change of clothes for herself (wants to look good even if the baby throws up on her shirt.) The person next to me? Stuff for charity. Ugh.

The moderator got to me…So, Lolita, what is in the trunk of your car?  I could feel the color rise on my face. “Returns,” I said meekly, with a slightly embarrassed smile. The room erupted in laughter.

That says everything there is pretty much to know about me. I am a confessed shopaholic. I am drawn to beautiful things just as I create them…colors, textures, BRANDS, sales…and am privy to the guilt that goes with buying things sometimes. I love to shop…the adrenalin rush that I get just pulling up to my favorite stores! I love the driving even getting there, music blaring.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have a return in the trunk of my car…sometimes, that top just isn’t right, or maybe it was the mirror at the store that made it look better, or, it was too expensive or I don’t really love it (my new philosophy…I only buy it if I absolutely, unequivocally love it). Problem is, I love a lot of things! Or, do I really need that new picture frame…individual salt and pepper shakers for my table? I really do.

So ladies, enjoy the shopping. But don’t hesitate to return things, too. It feels great either way! And ask a person, if you want to get to know them a little better, what’s in the trunk of their car.

Oh, and my Shopaholic glass design, well, I designed it with myself in mind.  And don’t forget the Shop – A – Holiday, when your done shopping for the Holiday, relax with your Shop-A-Holiday glass.  Cheers!

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