Holiday Punch…it is Sparkling!

For a great signature cocktail this holiday season, do a punch.  There is no better way to gather people ‘round in a festive way than around a delightful alcoholic concoction in a large bowl…intriguing!  And, better yet, it is “serve yourself”!

Many of us have memories of that crazy uncle lingering at the punch bowl amongst the tinseled tree and granny gowns of yore…don’t our offspring deserve those memories, too? The key is to keep little paws out of the bowl…and I promise, they will try, as it is just that appealing to the eye. What could it be? So magical.  And, there will be a crazy uncle when the punch bowl arrives, I am sure of it.

Punch is experiencing a renaissance … it is a lot less work for the hostess, is very elegant (if your punch bowl is not the party store variety…check online…here is one that I found, and I also own a real silver punch set!) cost effective for a group and delicious. Antique stores are fun places to look for punch services. Mixing and matching the cups is also a fun way to do it, but punch is also great in wine or martini glasses!

103482 Grape Punch bowl_md

For the sparkling touch, spumante, prosecco or any other bubbly wine lends itself to punch.  Similar to champagnes but not as strong, many sparkling wines are beautiful pink shades that make your punch not only lovely in taste but beautiful in color, adding just that touch of sweet-dryness and effervescence we associate with sparkling wine.

The grape varietals of these wines can be found from any region of the world. I have a wine collection coming out soon, and my Winter Sparkling is actually from Italy.  I chose the Campania region of Southern Italy for my sparkling wine (boy am I a lucky girl! And you can be, too…The Aglianico grape produces wine that is coral pink, with an elegant stream of fine bubbles…a perfect addition to any punch!

Winter Sparkling Wine

Here is my recipe: 

Lolita’s Holiday Punch

I bottle Chilled Lolita® Winter Sparking Wine
1 Pint Strawberry Sherbert
1 half cup Rum
16 oz. Cranberry Juice
Sliced Strawberries
Lemon Wheels
Serves 6

Lolita’s Winter Sparkling wine is coming soon, check back for more details. However, any sparkling wine will do!  Combine all about 30 minutes prior to your party for flavors to combine. You can add ice but remember ice will dilute flavor.

I love my Holiday Bouquet wine glasses or Winter’s Cup glasses as part of a punch set. Check them out at my online store,

Enjoy your celebration!

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