Perfect Summer Parties With Lolita!

With the start of summer comes the start of good weather, great friends, and awesome parties! So what better time to unleash your inner party planner? But with party planning comes stress… (trust me I know!) so why not lessen the work and increase the fun!! Here are some tips on how to throw a fabulous yet easy and laid back summer bash!

One of my favorite tips to help make your summer party planning easier is to keep an impromptu outdoor party kit hidden on a closet shelf or in the back of your pantry! Have your kit contain things like candles, an outdoor MP3 player and of course a complete set of my Ooops-A-Daisy Acrylic wine glasses, tray, napkins, martinis… that way you can just pull out what you need whenever you need it! You will not believe how many times you will pull out this kit! You can even add things to it over time to add to the fun. Here are some examples of what to keep in your kit!


Any yummy smelling candles with a cute holder are perfect for a summer gathering. Also add some flowers to your party space to make a fresh atmosphere… they will remind your party guests that it is summer!


My Ooops-A-Daisy Acrylic Wine Duo Part Set Ultimate is the perfect party starter. Just pull it out of your kit and set it up! It automatically creates a fun yet relaxing atmosphere for the summer bash!

I have also worked with some companies to bring you other great tips and party ideas to have a stress-free time! Take a look.

Skinny Cow WoCavé

Men have their man cave, right? Well now thanks to Skinny Cow, women can have that too! Make your own heavenly space, a WoCavé, where the men are scarce and you can get together with all the ladies or just relax by yourself. Choose a room and make it your WoCavé by setting up a fabulous rug, a comfy couch you can stretch out on, and a cooler to keep your drinks and your Skinny Cow Ice Cream cold! Decorate with your favorite room accessories such as flowers, artwork, candles etc. You can make it a girly and bright atmosphere or a dark and luxurious one, it’s whatever you prefer! Also…don’t forget the snugly blankets and your favorite chick flicks!

Here’s an example of a rug I would set up for my WoCavé!Image

Don’t forget a soft and cozy blanket to snuggle with in your WoCavé!



And of course don’t forget to stock up the cooler with your favorite Skinny Cow treats! This ice cream has always been a favorite of mine because their products are tasty and are low in fat! They’ve also added some new products this year including new flavors of low-fat ice cream and ice cream candy bars!

skinny cow 3ImageSKC_Candy_CnD

So, grab that blanket, some wine in my festive and sassy girl time glasses, your girlfriends, and of course some Skinny Cow Ice cream for a relaxing time in your WoCavé!

Next up are some tips on how to feed your hungry party guests at any type of summer soiree you plan to have without spending much money or any time cooking!

When you are hosting a party, you don’t want to spend your whole evening at the stove or the grill. I love those easy to pick up delicious finger foods that are crowd pleasers. Arby’s new King’s Hawaiian sandwiches fit the bill, folks! There are two new sandwiches only around for a short time, they have 1/3 more roast beef than their Classic Roast Beef Sandwich—and are served on a slightly sweet KING’S HAWAIIAN bun; and the Roast Beef & Swiss version is topped with Swiss cheese, crunchy and fresh pickles and creamy Dijon. Now that’s freshly sliced paradise!

Set your Arby’s Kings Hawaiian Roast Beef sandwiches on a cutely decorated table that screams summer and paradise! Of course, the sandwiches will have your guests’ taste buds in paradise—but add even more to this feeling with decorations! Set the table with flowers, my fun tableware, and a lovely tablecloth along with the Arby’s Kings Hawaiian Roast Beef sandwiches!

Here’s an example of how I would set my table: ImageImageImage

Now for the last tip:

At any summer party you have, there’s going to be warm weather. It’s important to stay hydrated (and that doesn’t mean with cocktails or wine!) Keep everyone hydrated with clean and crisp tasting water. I love using PUR Water Filtration Systems to provide clean water! Their filters remove contaminants others would leave behind.

This Advanced Faucet Water Filter is actually 10x more powerful than any other leading pitcher and this 7-Cup Pitcher is 2x more powerful. Think bottled water is better? EH! That’s wrong. Contaminants can actually leach in from the plastic of the bottled water and it’s much more expensive. By switching to filtered water you can be sure your water is clean and you will save up to $1,000 per year! Set up your PUR Water pitchers on your fun decorated table to make sure everyone has a good time in the warm weather!


Don’t forget these tips when planning your next summer bash! Keep your party kit handy at all costs, set up your Wocavé, serve the Arby’s KINGS HAWAIIAN Roast Beef Sandwiches to your hungry party guests, and make sure they stay hydrated with clean and fresh water from PUR water filtration! You’ll be sure to have an amazing summer bash and a relaxing Wocavé with these ideas and tips. Cheers!

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