Wine Smarts

If your significant other prefers beer to wine and you prefer wine, well, now you know for sure you are always right. So the “huh?” questions and “honey, can you throw me another one” versus the pop of the cork and the slow glunk glunk of wine hitting the glass and what happens to the brain after, well, there is a difference.


Based upon a recent study:

“When the subjects were given an IQ test, wine drinkers consistently scored higher IQs than their counterpart beer drinkers. The average difference of IQ between wine and beer drinkers was 18 points.”

             – Wikipedia, under “Health Effects of Wine”


So pop that cork and feel good about it! Try our Ravishing Red Wine or our Witty White Wine!


And go ahead and show off your wine knowledge using our hand-painted Wine Connoisseur Wine Glass!




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