Lolita Says: Wine Fixes Everything!

Lolita Duct Tape

It’s so true, isn’t it?

Sipping on a glass of wine seems to make all of the day’s stresses slowly drift away. Now add a good book or a bubble bath and the entire world melts away! Just being with yourself in that moment instantly calms you down. Studies have shown that just taking a few minutes to yourself each day will greatly improve your state of mind.

So, pour yourself a glass…

Lay down on a couch (or in a tub!) and just breathe!

Ahhhh… That sounds nice doesn’t it?

Add to the zen by watching this video below of my absolute DREAM duct tape!

Wine straight from Italy’s countryside!! Wow!!

Talk about relaxation…

What’s your favorite or dream duct tape? Comment and tell us!


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