Impromptu Wednesday Cocktails

Last night I spontaneously decided to invite some close girlfriends over for some impromptu Wednesday night cocktails!
I broke out some of my acrylic wine glasses and made a cocktail called an “Angry Bear.”

Here’s the recipe:

Angry Bear Cocktail
2 oz. Tequila
0.5 oz. Honey Syrup
6-8 Raspberries
0.5 oz. Lime Juice
0.25 oz. Allspice Liqueur

Muddle the raspberries in the honey syrup until it makes a fresh, raw jam. Shake all ingredients over ice and double strain into a wine glass. Place a lime or orange slice and a couple raspberries into the glass and enjoy!

It was so yummy!
We gossiped and laughed over cocktails and some small appetizers.
It was a nice evening!
Cocktail nights are not just reserved for the weekend!




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