Sneak Peek Into Lolita’s Design Studio!

Every artist has to have their own creative space- and I’m no exception!


I need my own design studio for my artists and myself to collaborate on new designs.


I have moved from state to state and studio to studio because of my family and also because of my company.


I am currently located in Rhode Island, in a beautiful renovated mill. I absolutely love it here. The contrast between the old mill bricks and my modern interior design sense is stunning and inspiring.


Here is a sneak peek into the place that I call my design home:


Lolita side view mill

Side view of the beautiful renovated mill I work at


Lolita Mill

The front of the mill. So beautiful!

Lolita Couch

The reception area, complete with Flirt pillows of course!

Lolita Couches

More of the reception area

Lolita showcase

Showcasing some of my glasses for visitors to see!

Lolita studio

Overall view of the studio!

Lolita conference room

My conference room


Lolita Office

A glimpse of my office!

Lolita office paint

Inside my office!

Lolita Panorama Office

Panorama of my office!

Lolita Panorama office 2

Another panorama of my office!



I absolutely love my design studio and the creative people I work with.


All creative and imaginative people need their own space to get away every once and awhile.


Do you have a creative space? I’d love to see it!!


Enter our photo contest and submit a picture of YOUR creative space to enter for a chance to win a very special gift and a hand-written message from yours truly… me, Lolita!


Enter here:




I can’t wait to look at all the wonderful submissions I get!


Good luck! Cheers!


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