Glass of the Week: Bridal Bouquet Martini Glass

BridalBouquetMartiniGlass_1 BridalBouquetMartiniGlass_2 BridalBouquetMartiniGlass_3 BridalBouquetMartiniGlass_4

Whenever someone asks me which glass I would recommend as a gift to the bride, my Bridal Bouquet Martini Glass always comes to mind.

This glass was so much fun to design, just like my other flower bouquet glasses and my Wildflower wine glass.

I love colors, smells, and overall natural beauty of a flower bouquet. No matter who you are, you can’t help but feel special when you are handed one!

I designed my Bridal Bouquet Martini Glass trying to capture the beauty, joy, simplicity, and extravagance of that special day all in one!

Not to mention, it’s a martini glass! My favorite! I started my company with only martini glasses, so I absolutely LOVE showcasing them!

If you are looking for the perfect bridal gift, I recommend this glass. It is beautiful and special and I guarantee it will make the bride smile from ear to ear!

Find the glass here.




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