Glass of the Week: Who Needs a Man? Super Bling Wine Glass

WhoNeedsAManSuperBling_1 WhoNeedsAManSuperBling_2 WhoNeedsAManSuperBling_3 WhoNeedsAManSuperBling_4

Valentine’s Day is coming up! This glass is for all the single ladies out there (or the taken ladies who won’t be with their man this Valentine’s Day)! Who needs a man? I even ask myself this sometimes!

This glass is so new that it isn’t even on my website yet!!

My Who Needs A Man wine glass was SUCH a hit that I made a Who Needs A Man, Too Superbling wine glass!!

This glass makes people smile and laugh, I love it so much! Seriously, who needs a man when you have chocolate and wine? SO true!

You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else, so fill that glass and enjoy a relaxing night with yourself (or with your girlfriends, of course!).

Like I said, this glass isn’t on my website yet, but keep an eye out for it in stores, and I will let you all know when it is on my website!

Until then, here are some of my other Valentine’s Day glasses: here.


xo Lolita-Signature[2]


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