Host the BEST Bachelorette or Birthday Party, using my NEW SEXY SHOOTER line!!!

LOLITA Sexy Shooter Post

Bachelorette party season is in full swing and Birthday Parties are always on the horizon, so imagine that you’re the one hosting the big event! You’ve already decided that you want to make this the most memorable bachelorette (or Birthday) party that you and your girls have ever experienced!

We all know that first impressions are key, so you’re already aware that you need to kick this party off in a special way. You have picked out a signature shot that you have premixed for the evening ahead of time, (you’re such a “smaaaht girl!”) and you have poured it into a collection of LOLITA Sexy ShooterTM glasses, each glass matching a guest’s unique personality to a “T”!

As the girls walk into the party, I can already tell you that your “BFF” will cry out in delight at how much she adores your attention to detail!

…And since the glasses match the rest of the girl’s striking personalities so well; the girls will flock over to claim their Sexy ShooterTM, as though the glasses are name tags!

“Aaaah, sweet victory…this is going to be an epic party!”


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