Host a Girly Mani Pedi Party! [But Paint BEFORE you pour!]

LOLITA Mani Pedi Wine Glass Post Collage Small

A trip down memory lane brings me to the joyful memories of a best friend or multiple close friends being dropped off at my house on Friday evening for a weekend filled with fun, girly activities! From watching chick flicks and drooling over the lead actors, to eating popcorn, playing with each others hair and makeup, and painting each others nails.

Why should we ever outgrow such carefree and innocent moments like these? Treat your adult self and your now adult friends to a grownup version of a Girly Mani Pedi Night In, complete with wine! You could each drink from and/or use my LOLITA® Mani Pedi Wine Glass as inspiration for which hue you should paint your nails (color coordinate your mani with the glass your drinking from!) But trust me, from my own experience, you may want to paint before you pour, or it could get really messy!

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