Mini Glass Ornaments – So many uses and “oh so adorable!”

FRIDAY LOLITA Mini Glass Ornaments Post

When you read the word “ornament” you probably associate it with the holidays. However, my Mini Glass Ornaments come in a wide variety of non-holiday themes and have so many uses for throughout the year!

Here are just a few simple ideas:

• They dress up any gift bag or wrapped gift box in an instant! Simply fasten to a gift with a ribbon or a bow.

• At the next party you host, you can have a tray of tiny shots poured in, none other than, my Mini Ornaments.

• They make for a great party favor at a Last Night Out party or at a shower! All you have to do is fill them with mini candies and wrap each with tulle, and tie a bow with a pretty ribbon…that’s it!


• They are also a cute desk ornament at the office (sans alcohol of course!) Remember to keep it professional! 😉

• I also like to place mini floral bouquets in them (baby’s breath and violets or mini roses) and line them up on windowsills or place individual ones containing a mini bouquet in unexpected locations throughout my home…it makes for a nice surprise when I have guests visiting my home.

If you have additional clever uses and ideas for my Mini Ornaments, feel free to share them with us! We may end up creating a post with your idea on our social media accounts!

xoxo Lolita

2 thoughts on “Mini Glass Ornaments – So many uses and “oh so adorable!”

  1. I have issued them as party favors for one of the monthly Wine Nights we have with friends. Oh, and I did use one as my own personal glass for a local wine tasting, since it holds just the right amount 🙂

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