Travel to Your Favorite Place Without Leaving Your House!

Take your guests to your home state, city, or just your favorite place with a fun themed party! Whether or not you live there, it is so much fun to set up a party using the unique qualities and styles from your chosen place.

For example, if you are celebrating Tennessee (using my new Tennessee Wine Glass of course!), decorate with Elvis mementos (a classic Elvis cutout would do!), guitars, and string lights. Tennessee is a state known for its music—therefore, play some B.B. King, Elvis, or your favorite country music. Justin Timberlake is from Tennessee, that counts too right?! Also don’t forget to serve what Tennessee is especially famous for, BBQ… and maybe even Elvis’ favorite fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches!



Of course, this Tennessee party is only just a reference to help you to throw your own Favorite Place Celebration. These parties are easy and also don’t require costumes! Check out all of our “Favorite Places” glasses to see where you can take your friends without having to leave your house!



2 thoughts on “Travel to Your Favorite Place Without Leaving Your House!

  1. Obviously I own the Texas wine glass and martini glass. I also have Parisian, Too, and need Hawaii, Boston, and Florida so I can remember some of the places to which I have travelled 🙂

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