Host a Girly Mani Pedi Party! [But Paint BEFORE you pour!]

LOLITA Mani Pedi Wine Glass Post Collage Small

A trip down memory lane brings me to the joyful memories of a best friend or multiple close friends being dropped off at my house on Friday evening for a weekend filled with fun, girly activities! From watching chick flicks and drooling over the lead actors, to eating popcorn, playing with each others hair and makeup, and painting each others nails.

Why should we ever outgrow such carefree and innocent moments like these? Treat your adult self and your now adult friends to a grownup version of a Girly Mani Pedi Night In, complete with wine! You could each drink from and/or use my LOLITA® Mani Pedi Wine Glass as inspiration for which hue you should paint your nails (color coordinate your mani with the glass your drinking from!) But trust me, from my own experience, you may want to paint before you pour, or it could get really messy!

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Host the BEST Bachelorette or Birthday Party, using my NEW SEXY SHOOTER line!!!


LOLITA Sexy Shooter Post

Bachelorette party season is in full swing and Birthday Parties are always on the horizon, so imagine that you’re the one hosting the big event! You’ve already decided that you want to make this the most memorable bachelorette (or Birthday) party that you and your girls have ever experienced!

We all know that first impressions are key, so you’re already aware that you need to kick this party off in a special way. You have picked out a signature shot that you have premixed for the evening ahead of time, (you’re such a “smaaaht girl!”) and you have poured it into a collection of LOLITA Sexy ShooterTM glasses, each glass matching a guest’s unique personality to a “T”!

As the girls walk into the party, I can already tell you that your “BFF” will cry out in delight at how much she adores your attention to detail!

…And since the glasses match the rest of the girl’s striking personalities so well; the girls will flock over to claim their Sexy ShooterTM, as though the glasses are name tags!

“Aaaah, sweet victory…this is going to be an epic party!”


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I love long walks on the beach…in my FLIP FLOPS!!!

NEW, LOLITA Flip Flops Sexy Shooter Glass

NEW, LOLITA Flip Flops Sexy Shooter Glass [available in-stores & online this month!]

NEW, LOLITA Flip Flops Sexy Pilsner Glass

NEW, LOLITA Flip Flops Sexy Pilsner Glass [available in-stores & online this month!]

My Flip Flops design was created to give people a daydreamy escape, even if only for a moment. The Flip Flops icons in my design take you away to a warm, beachy, fun loving place – no matter what time of the year it is.

I think it’s safe to say that we all have at least one friend who is obsessed with anything Flip Flops. With what Flip Flops have come to symbolize, can we blame our fanatic friends for their obsession?!

After a long winter like we’ve had up here in New England – this design reminds us that our lazy, sandy feet, days are just around the corner!


xoxo Lolita

Glass of the Week: Tattoo Wine Glass

TattooWineGlass_01 TattooWineGlass_02 TattooWineGlass_03 TattooWineGlass_04

Whether you have tattoos, or you just want to show off the more daring side of yourself, my Tattoo Wine Glass is the glass for you!

This glass is all about showing off your rough and tough side, while showing that you are STILL a diva no matter what!

You can’t have your nice side without your naughty side! So let’s show it off, ladies!

Pop open that bottle of wine AND that bottle of whiskey, throw on some heels and some dark eye liner, grab this glass, and let’s show them what we’re made of!

Here’s to every side of you- naughty AND nice! Cheers!

PS. Don’t forget to wear something that shows off those awesome tattoos!


Glass of the Week: Love My Birthday Month March Wine Glass

March Wine Glass March Wine Glass March Wine Glass

A new month means new birthdays, and more reasons to celebrate!!

My Love My Birthday Month March Wine Glass makes every day in March a celebration!

To all those March birthdays out there: make your celebration last all month! This is YOUR time to shine!

Make sure you really treat yourself, and don’t skip on the wine! Fill that glass!

And follow this recipe! Put whipped cream and sprinkles on top! This month is all about YOU!

Cheers to March! And cheers to you! You are fabulous!




Glass of the Week: Hot Mama Wine Glass

HotMamaWineGlass_001 HotMamaWineGlass_002 HotMamaWineGlass_003 HotMamaWineGlass_004

The Glass of the Week is my Hot Mama Wine Glass!

This glass will definitely add some sass into your life! I feel fabulous just looking at it!

Even if I’m in my pajamas, sitting in front of the TV, this glass makes me feel like I am all dressed up and ready for a night out!

And look at that recipe! YUM! A fabulous drink to go with a fabulous glass! What’s not to love?

No need to put on the thigh highs, bold lips, or heels- put the Hot Mama Wine Glass in your hand for instant seductive sass!

Enjoy! Cheers!