Glass of the Week: Tattoo Wine Glass

TattooWineGlass_01 TattooWineGlass_02 TattooWineGlass_03 TattooWineGlass_04

Whether you have tattoos, or you just want to show off the more daring side of yourself, my Tattoo Wine Glass is the glass for you!

This glass is all about showing off your rough and tough side, while showing that you are STILL a diva no matter what!

You can’t have your nice side without your naughty side! So let’s show it off, ladies!

Pop open that bottle of wine AND that bottle of whiskey, throw on some heels and some dark eye liner, grab this glass, and let’s show them what we’re made of!

Here’s to every side of you- naughty AND nice! Cheers!

PS. Don’t forget to wear something that shows off those awesome tattoos!


Glass of the Week: Love My Birthday Month March Wine Glass

March Wine Glass March Wine Glass March Wine Glass

A new month means new birthdays, and more reasons to celebrate!!

My Love My Birthday Month March Wine Glass makes every day in March a celebration!

To all those March birthdays out there: make your celebration last all month! This is YOUR time to shine!

Make sure you really treat yourself, and don’t skip on the wine! Fill that glass!

And follow this recipe! Put whipped cream and sprinkles on top! This month is all about YOU!

Cheers to March! And cheers to you! You are fabulous!




Glass of the Week: Hot Mama Wine Glass

HotMamaWineGlass_001 HotMamaWineGlass_002 HotMamaWineGlass_003 HotMamaWineGlass_004

The Glass of the Week is my Hot Mama Wine Glass!

This glass will definitely add some sass into your life! I feel fabulous just looking at it!

Even if I’m in my pajamas, sitting in front of the TV, this glass makes me feel like I am all dressed up and ready for a night out!

And look at that recipe! YUM! A fabulous drink to go with a fabulous glass! What’s not to love?

No need to put on the thigh highs, bold lips, or heels- put the Hot Mama Wine Glass in your hand for instant seductive sass!

Enjoy! Cheers!


Glass of the Week: Luck of the Irish Superbling!

Luck of the Irish Superbling LuckOfTheIrishSuperbling_02 LuckOfTheIrishSuperbling_03 LuckOfTheIrishSuperbling_04

This week’s Glass of the Week is my spectacular Luck of the Irish Super Bling Wine Glass!

St. Patrick’s Day will be here before we know it!

That is a day of dancing, laughing, and LOTS of drinking!

My Luck of the Irish Super Bling Wine Glass will transform any woman (or man!) into an instant St. Patrick’s Day diva!

With this 22 oz. wine glass, I don’t think you will have any trouble drinking to your heart’s desire!

You will likely be dubbed “most festive” with my Luck of the Irish Super Bling Wine Glass, since it can be a stunning accessory for all of your St. Patrick’s Day parties!




Glass of the Week: Red Rose Super Bling Wine Glass

RedRoseSuperbling_001 RedRoseSuperbling_002 RedRoseSuperbling_003

We are only a few days away from Valentine’s Day!!

All I really need for Valentine’s Day is some flowers, and a bottle of delicious wine!

What is better than combining those two?!

My Red Rose Super Bling Wine Glass is the perfect combination of the beauty of roses and the elegant, robust flavor of a big glass of red wine (my favorite kind!!).

Every detail on this glass is elegantly painted, capturing the curve and texture of every petal!

Sorry… I’m being SUCH a romantic right now! The holiday is getting to me!

I think I’m going to go have a pre-Valentine’s Day right now! I’m definitely using THIS glass, because it totally sets the romantic mood.

Whatever glass you drink out of, and whoever you share your bottle of wine with (that is, IF you share it!) I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!





Glass of the Week: Who Needs a Man? Super Bling Wine Glass

WhoNeedsAManSuperBling_1 WhoNeedsAManSuperBling_2 WhoNeedsAManSuperBling_3 WhoNeedsAManSuperBling_4

Valentine’s Day is coming up! This glass is for all the single ladies out there (or the taken ladies who won’t be with their man this Valentine’s Day)! Who needs a man? I even ask myself this sometimes!

This glass is so new that it isn’t even on my website yet!!

My Who Needs A Man wine glass was SUCH a hit that I made a Who Needs A Man, Too Superbling wine glass!!

This glass makes people smile and laugh, I love it so much! Seriously, who needs a man when you have chocolate and wine? SO true!

You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else, so fill that glass and enjoy a relaxing night with yourself (or with your girlfriends, of course!).

Like I said, this glass isn’t on my website yet, but keep an eye out for it in stores, and I will let you all know when it is on my website!

Until then, here are some of my other Valentine’s Day glasses: here.


xo Lolita-Signature[2]


GOTW: Mommy’s Time Out, Too

MommysTimeOutToo_1 MommysTimeOutToo_2 MommysTimeOutToo_3 MommysTimeOutToo_4

My Glass of the Week for this week is one of my favorite glasses! It is an update on an older glass. It’s my Mommy’s Time Out, Too Wine Glass.

Every mom NEEDS a time out every once and a while! Trust me, I know!

Push work, cleaning, cooking, and even family aside for your own relaxing me-time moment.

Pop in your favorite movie, fill up a bath tub with your favorite bubble bath, curl up with your favorite book, or just lay down and BREATHE!

However your perfect moment goes, don’t forget to fill up your Mommy’s Time Out, Too wine glass with your favorite wine!